Moray and Scotland facing deepening welfare crisis

Angus Robertson - deepening welfare crisis.
Angus Robertson – deepening welfare crisis.

A STEADY INCREASE in demand for Foodbanks has continued according to the latest figures released by Citizens Advice Scotland.

That in turn has increased a large increase in those who experience periods of zero income – and as a result are unable to afford essentials such as food.

In their report ‘Living at the Sharp End’, CAB has highlighted another sharp increase in foodbank use – now Moray’s MP has branded the situation as “grossly unfair” and calls on Theresa May’s newly formed UK Government to take action.

Mr Robertson said: “The Tory austerity policy is deeply unfair and they should be ashamed that their welfare reforms are driving people into these desperate situations, where they have not eaten in days and cannot afford the basics.

“When David Cameron entered office in 2010, 61,468 people relied on food banks. As he left yesterday (Wednesday), that figure now stands at over 1.1 million. I regularly meet see many cases in my Moray Constituency Office of people failing to get the urgent support that they need.

“This is principally as a result of the cuts to the welfare system under the current UK Government, which is hitting the low income families and sick and disabled the hardest.

“The volunteers at Moray Foodbank do a fantastic job in supporting many vulnerable people in Moray, but I am sure it is a job they wish was not required. But too many people in Moray are falling victim to Tory austerity measures.

“The Scottish Government is currently spending £100m a year on mitigating the worst effects of welfare cuts, but this is money that could be much better spent addressing poverty.

“The UK Government must take urgent action to reverse the damage done by their regressive social policies to the most disadvantaged in Scotland.”