Typhoons involved in busy week over Iraq

Typhoons continue to operate from their Cyprus base.
Typhoons continue to operate from their temporary Cyprus base.

RAF LOSSIEMOUTH TYPHOONS have been conducting almost daily strikes in support of Iraqi ground forces as they continue to press Daesh forces.

The Moray-based detachment conducted successful missions on four of the five days between July 14 and July 19, according to the latest reports from the Ministry of Defence.

A pair of the Akrotiri detachment spotted Daesh personnel using a truck-mounted crane to perform maintenance work on an armoured vehicle near Mosul last Thursday and used their Paveway IV guided bombs to destroy both vehicles.

The report added: “The following day Typhoons operating further west conducted a Paveway bomb attack on a mortar position concealed in a tree-line a number of miles south of Sinjar.

“Typhoons also patrolled over Anbar province in western Iraq on Sunday 17 July. Some miles north-west of Ramadi, they observed a vehicle being loaded with weapons from a terrorist storehouse. A Paveway IV destroyed both the store and the supply truck.

“The next day, again in Anbar Province, Typhoons observed terrorist activity around a tent hidden in a dense palm grove. An attack with a Paveway IV not only struck the terrorists but also set fire to two stockpiles of ammunition and equipment and damaged a Daesh truck parked nearby, again under the trees.”

Paveway’s were again when Typhoons were joined by Tornado GR4s against a mortar position near Qayyarah and south-east of Mosul on Tuesday.