Council produce a dazzling splash of colour for just £20

Lossiemouth alive with colour for just £20.
Lossiemouth alive with colour for just £20. (pic: Moray Council)

THE LOSSIEMOUTH SEAFRONT has been transformed into sea of colour thanks to the work of Moray Council’s lands and parks staff.

At the start of the summer the local authority staff sowed a variety of wildflower seeds along the town’s esplanade – and now residents and visitors are reaping the benefit.

It is the first time for several years that the Council has maintained the flower beds – they were discontinued as part of budget cuts. Flowers have remained a feature, however, thanks to the efforts of the town’s community council and the Lossiemouth Community Development Trust.

This year, however, the Council were able to take up an offer from seed specialists Euroflor who wished to show how low-cost and low-maintenance floral displays can be created in towns and villages.

Costing just £20 a mix of different varieties of wildflowers, including cornflower, poppies and corn marigold, were sown into a disused flower bed on the esplanade and at two other locations. Now in full bloom, they have become a big attraction with local people and holidaymakers alike and have been photographed countless times, as well as becoming a big hit on social media.

Lands and parks officer Grant Speed explained: “Our supplier was keen to see how the wildflower mixes would grow in the Scottish climate and the esplanade display has the distinction of being the most northerly in the country.

“This has been very much a trial in partnership with our supplier and Euroflor and the flowers have been attracting a lot of attention and favourable comment.

“This type of display has advantages over the flower beds that we used to have in that it is low cost, it takes only a few minutes to sow the seed and once the seed germinates the flowers take care of themselves.”

Lossiemouth councillor John Cowe said the displays were a welcome innovation, all the more so since they were low cost and required little maintenance.

“That is obviously a major consideration given the council’s financial position,” he said, adding: “Sowing wildflowers to brighten up their own areas is maybe something that local community groups could think about for next season.”

A spokesman for the Lossiemouth Community Development Trust said: “This is a fantastic initiative and anything that allows us to enhance the natural beauty of our town is obviously very welcome.  We look forward to discussing with Councillor Cowe how we might be able to make this a regular feature throughout the town.”