Councillors told of continuing fight against drink drivers

Dismay over continued drink/driving offenders.
Motorist caught at six times over the limit.

A MORAY MOTORISTS who was caught driving while six times over the legal limit will cause concern for Councillors when they meet with senior emergency services officers this week.

While local police attending the Police, Fire and Rescue committee at Moray Council on Thursday will point to an increase in the number of drivers caught behind the wheel over the limit, they remain concerned that too many motorists are still placing themselves and others at risk.

A member of the committee is Councillor Douglas Ross, who is also an MSP and the Tory opposition spokesman on Justice. He hit out at those who still believe that they can get away with driving while under the influence, saying: “It is a concerning thought that there are still some that think they can drive having drunk so much.

“It is encouraging that the number of people caught has reduced – I felt the message that the lower limit set would deter them but it’s concerning to still see so many doing it.”

The police report prepared for Councillors by Sergeant John McAdoo said that further action will be taken in efforts to convince motorists they must never get behind the wheel while under the influence of drink or drugs.

It says: “In order to further reduce the number of motorists who seem intent on continuing to ignore all the previous advice and guidance, it is vital that there continues to be widespread public support to a) dissuade friends, family, colleagues and others from driving under the influence in the first place and b) where this is unsuccessful or impracticable, they quickly inform the police so that the suspected drunk or drugged driver can be traced before anyone, including themselves, come to harm.

“Police resources, by way of high visibility patrols and road checks, need to be focused in the areas where people can become used to seeing them and used to seeing them stopping and checking vehicles and their drivers/occupants.

“It is intended to continue using all media opportunities including social media accounts to reinforce the message regarding the dangers of driving whilst under the influence of drink/drugs.”