Dismay as Keiran’s graveside is raided a fourth time

McKandie family hit by fourth raid on Keiran's graveside.
McKandie family hit by fourth raid on Keiran’s graveside.

THE PARENTS OF Keiran McKandie, the Moray teenager who died earlier this year in a tragic road accident that has sparked a national move to fit life-saving equipment into all police cars, have been left devastated by a FOURTH raid on their sons graveside.

Keiran’s mum Sandra took to social yesterday to express her dismay at the latest heartless raid on the graveside at Pluscarden – solar lights put in place by family and friends having been removed overnight.

Mrs McKandie said: “Gordon and I just don’t know what to do, Keiran was the most precious person in our lives and we struggle every day just to get up in the morning, the days just get harder and harder.

“Time is not a healer, I am speechless and lost for any words to describes this life we have been dealt. This morning I visited Pluscarden as we do each day to find that items have been stolen yet again from Keiran’s resting place.

“This is the fourth time since this has happened and only six weeks since the last time. The items, which are solar lights, have been stolen between 2.30pm [on] Sunday, September 11 and 11.10am the following day.

“If anyone has seen anything or has any reason or ideas why this is happening please inform us. Keiran would be absolutely appalled that anybody could do this to his resting place as in his short life he did not have any enemies.”

McKandie family and friends have been incredibly dignified since the loss of Keiran, working hard in his memory to ensure that anyone involved in similar situations in future will have a greater than ever chance of survival.

Their efforts raised over £10,000 to purchase defibrillators to be fitted to police vehicles in Moray – and that resulted in a Scottish Government trial not only of the life-saving equipment in police vehicles, but a change to emergency call centres that will mean fire and rescue staff will be dispatched where there they have a better chance of being on-scene before ambulance crews.

Police confirm that their enquiries into the latest theft is ongoing.

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