Famous sheep court appearance is marked at Forres Tolbooth

Winter Queen
Winter Queen one of the many unusual sights in and around Forres today!

A WINTER QUEEN and a fleecy sheep clad in upcycled materials and 3D printed flowers is currently attracting curious looks at the Tolbooth in Forres.

The artistic installation is in place for the six days of the Findhorn Bay Festival – which today will see Forres come alive with performances from many of those taking part in the event credited with bringing a much-needed boost to the town.

The Tolbooth display has been supported by the Creative Place programme and is the result of a collaboration between artist Selena Kuzman and the Moray makerspace, the T-Exchange.

It lends it origins to the days when the Tolbooth’s upstairs room was the local law court – and in one case of alleged sheep stealing it was decided that the actual sheep involved should be present.

The sheep in the Tolbooth today is cut from wood, felted with wool found in a field by the stones of Callanish in Lewis, and garlanded with 3D-printed daisies and buttercups. The availability of the feed on its back gives the sheep its name – Feedback, linked to the scientific concept of feedback, with a cycle from output to input, and the 3D-printed flowers are produced from recycled plastic.

The accompanying figure of a woman shepherd is inspired by the Celtic goddess Beira, a winter queen who looked after flocks of sheep amongst other animals. She is clothed in material assembled by the artist from vintage-antique reclaimed fabric, embroidery pieces, and 3D-printed flowers.

The 3D printing was carried out by the T-Exchange as part of its promotion of community access to new technology. Members of the group are involved in operating, repairing, designing and building 3D printers.

The T-Exchange will be demonstrating 3D printing and other activities at St John’s Lodge, Forres, today (Saturday) from 11 am to 4 pm.

The winter queen and sheep installation will be on view at the Tolbooth for the duration of the Festival.

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