International cuisine delights secondary school pupils

Milne's High School catering team delivered food from around the world.
Milne’s High School catering team delivered food from around the world.

SCHOOL LUNCHES TOOK on an international flavour when the catering staff at Milne’s High School presented different meals from around the planet on successive days.

The unusual menus had pupils crowding in for a link up with the modern language department’s ‘World Week’ – with uptake of school lunches seeing a significant increase.

Each day the catering team produce dishes that tested their own skills – and the taste-buds of their customers. Monday was Italian day – while the United States took over the Tuesday menu.

Wednesday was a little bit hot with Indian cuisine – while the following day it was the turn of Chinese delights before finally Mexican dishes were the order of the day on Friday.

A spokesman said: “It was hard work for the staff involved but they took satisfaction from the fact that it all proved worth it – there was a significant increase in the uptake of school lunches.”

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