Turning back the clock sparks warning on crime

Clocks turned back last night.
Clocks turned back last night.

THE CLOCKS WENT back an hour early on last night – and amongst those who may welcome that annual event are the criminal fraternity around Moray.

That is the message from local police commanders who are urging people in Moray to take particular care in their house and vehicle security – making it a priority at a time when acquisitive crimes increase each year.

Recently there have been an increase in break-ins reported in Moray, in particular in rural and residential areas.

Local area commander Chief Inspector Murray Main said: “Tackling acquisitive and opportunistic crime is a priority for North East Division, and a huge amount of preventative and proactive work is carried out on a daily basis to tackle the issue.

“In many cases thieves are simply trying house and vehicle doors until they find one unlocked, will grab your valuables and can flee from the scene within seconds.

“It’s crucial for people to report any suspicious activity, whether that takes place during the day or night. Look out for unfamiliar vehicles or persons and most importantly, let us know. There won’t be any issue with officers attending a false call made in good faith.

“We can all help prevent crime and the most simple action I can encourage you to take is to ensure your doors are locked – it doesn’t cost a thing and could save you a lot of time and trouble in the long run.

“In addition, by leaving your property and valuables insecure you could negate any insurance claim.

“The nights are now going to get darker more quickly so I would urge you to consider your home and vehicle security as soon as possible.

“It’s never too late to make sure you have effective security procedures in place, and it doesn’t have to cost a lot – it can be as simple as ensuring your security lights are working and outbuildings or sheds are secure with effective padlocks.

“Darker nights make it easier for thieves to target your property so follow our advice to keep your home safe after dark.”