Santa flies in to Kinloss on a extra-special assignment

Santa is back at Morayvia each weekend until Christmas.
Santa is back at Morayvia each weekend until Christmas.

AN ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF the excitement generated at this time of the year by the SAR helicopters at Lossiemouth will once again be held in Kinloss over the next few weeks.

A highlight each year was the sight of the large yellow helicopters flying over Moray schools with Santa at the open door, waving to his adoring young fans.

Sadly these days are gone – but in preserving one of the famous Sea King helicopters for Moray, the Kinloss-based science and aviation technology attraction provided an ideal temporary grotto for Mr Clause to visit each year.

And that is how Santa will once again be receiving guests when he sets up on board the Sea King at Morayvia this year! Morayvia’s Mark Mair explained: “The Sea King was always a welcome sight whenever and wherever it was seen flying over Moray, but never more than when the big-hearted crews carried Santa to our local schools.

“That was a tradition we wanted to keep a hold of somehow, so we gave it a go last year by invited Santa to visit our own Sea King – and hundreds of youngsters were delighted that he did.

“So it was in easy decision for us and for Santa to repeat the exercise this year, we are all looking forward to seeing everyone at Santa’s Sea King Grotto.”

The Grotto will be open each weekend from November 26 until December 18 from 1pm to 5pm at the Morayvia centre on North Road, Kinloss.