Poll: 84% tell heritage group – ditch the Lion!

A few friends – but 84% say he must be put in a cage elsewhere…..

THE DANDY LION sculpture should not be allowed to remain in the centre of Elgin and should be either moved or ditched altogether.

That is the clear view to be gleaned from a poll of insideMoray readers that revealed 84% simply have no desire to see the comic structure in the heart of the town.

Dandy Lion was one of three new sculptures commissioned by the Castle to Cathedral to Cashmere project and unveiled to the public on Saturday. While two of the art works have received widespread acclaim and welcome, the Lion has sparked very different emotions.

Hundreds have taken to Social Media to make their views clear – and around 200 responded to our poll with the vast majority making it clear that the views of local councillor Sean Morton that the Lion should be moved or removed is strongly supported.

Last night one man summed up the majority feelings by posting his view on the social media site set up by the designer of Dandy Lion, Vik Quickly. Jake Kelly said: “[The] Sooner this technicolor vomit is removed to a more suitable location the better. This is making a lot of negative publicity for Elgin – the ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ fairy tale scenario springs to mind.”

Mr Kelly suggests that the Dandy Lion might be better moved to Johnstons where it may make more sense to visitors than in such a prominent position in the centre of town – the Lion is said to reflect the contribution the wool mill has made to the town.

However, the Lion has been gaining some support with Rachael McLaughlan failing to understand the negativity surrounding the sculpture: “I don’t get why people are being so negative.. What, these are an eyesore but people carelessly throwing litter about and being [in] drunken states isn’t?”

Residents from other parts of Moray are also getting in on the act, with Forres resident Jean Fraser adding: “The people of Forres are so glad you never inflicted our town with this trock – we can just stand back and smile.”