Campaign over Forres station crossing intensifies

Petition raised to enforce local campaign for a crossing at Forres Rail Station.

CAMPAIGNERS SEEKING THE establishment of a crossing linking the new Forres Railway Station and the town have opened petition to rally local support.

Led by the Forres Community Council and with the support of three local MSP’s – Douglas, Ross, Richard Lochhead and David Stewart – the petition calls on Transport Scotland to establish a controlled crossing over the busy A96 to ensure pedestrians can use the station safely.

Talks have taken place with Transport Scotland in recent months, but they have been reluctant to take any action, using the low accident rate as evidence that no new crossing is required.

However, both community representatives and politicians point to the improvements being made to the station as part of a £170million improvement programme on the Aberdeen to Inverness line, saying that provided the perfect opportunity to address what is regarded by many as a dangerous crossing.

A Secretary of the Forres Community Council, Eleanor Hayward, said: “The three MSPs attended a meeting organised by myself and attended by our chairman John Guthrie.

“Also in attendance was Ken Aitken of Transport Scotland, who agreed to provide a report by the end of January or beginning of February. At that meeting we also had two local councillors present, George Alexander and Lorna Cresswell.

“We consider this crossing to be essential – as a bridge over the A96 is not a consideration, nor is an underpass, a form of safe crossing should in our view be provided – that is in the hands of Transport Scotland who will take a bit of convincing, hence the decision to gather public support through the petition.”

The petition is online now.