More help for Moray mental health sufferers

Moray Resource Centre

PEOPLE IN MORAY who have recently been diagnosed with mental, physical or emotional conditions are often left having to deal with many distressing questions that need answers.

Now to help address that issue a series of talks is to be held at the Moray Resource Centre beginning later this month.

The talks are the result of research undertaken by the MRC, who are based at Maisondieu Road in Elgin, which suggested that there are many questions that need answering for those in such a position.

These can range from such matters as their eligibility for welfare benefits, help that is available to them to be able to live independently and the support that can be provided for their families.

The talks, which are free of charge, will take place on Friday afternoon on a fortnightly basis and people can register an interest in attending by calling the centre on 01343 551339.

The first talk will take the form of an introductory session and will take place on January 20 at 2pm.

Subsequent talks will be given by representatives from the Health Point, the Independent Living Centre, Quarriers carer support, the Telecare service and Money Advice.