Councillor to seek election on school closure platform

George Alexander – forthright and honest approach to May’s election.

THE FIRST CURRENTLY SERVING Moray Councillor to declare that he will seek re-election will do so on a platform of school closures.

Forres independent councillor George Alexander has been no stranger to controversy in recent years with his forthright views on party politics in the council chamber.

A key member of the ruling Independent/Tory administration from the outset, Mr Alexander is now the first of those serving to declare he will seek election again in May – and in typical fashion, he is making it clear that he will seek to help solve Moray’s financial problems by voting to close schools in the region.

Mr Alexander says that he has become even more convinced that the worsening financial crisis needs drastic action – and is urging any new council administration to take that action.

He said: “Changes can only take place if we elect 26 councillors who fully understand the seriousness of our financial position and who have the courage to vote them through.

“We are in a position where really big decisions must be made – and education absorbs 44% of our revenue budget.

“If we continue to ignore the fact that we have too many schools and that some of them are in the wrong place for a modern society, then this service will continue to fail many of our young people and continue to be a wasteful use of resources.”

Any plans to close schools would put a new administration on a head-on collision once again with political parties.

The SNP and Labour groups opposed closure plans during the current Council – and with the help of ‘rebel’ members of the administration group fought them off and forced a five-year moratorium on such closures.