New wee shop that hopes to bring back traditional values

Andrew Thompson hopes that ‘The Pantry’ will attract people back to the local concept.

A LOSSIEMOUTH MAN is hoping to reverse the trend of local shop closures by opening up a new business in Lossiemouth.

Andrew Thompson opened the doors of ‘The Pantry’ for the first time yesterday – and received immediate approval from a number of customers who appreciate the ‘support local by buying local’ concept.

Mr Thompson thought long and hard before attempting to ‘buck the trend’ – but believes that with The Pantry, on the town’s Queen Street, he is catering for a local demand.

“I looked at what we have had in Lossiemouth and what we have now – and decided that there was no specialised outlet for several items that people in the area tell me they miss,” he told insideMoray shortly after opening his doors for the first time.

“We had a specialist fruit shop in Lossiemouth not far from where I am now – it was very much appreciated and now very much missed, so I hope to fill that need.

Local products for a local customer.

“There is also space in the shop for specialised products such as preserves and coffee, products from well-known Moray food and drink producers who don’t have many local outlets. We have jams, chutney, relish and jellies alongside fresh locally sourced eggs and dairy produce.”

Mr Thompson said he appreciates that there are stores in the town where general provisions can be purchased – but believes firmly that there is a local market for more specialised items that these outlets do not necessarily provide.

“I guess it is a challenge, of course it is, to open any retail business at a time when so many are closing in towns like Lossiemouth,” Andrew said, adding: “But what is life if not a challenge?

“I believe that The Pantry can and will develop as I meet and talk with customers, reasserting the traditional ‘corner shop’ mentality.

“I’d certainly welcome some input from local people on the kind of things they would like to see in the shop.”

The Pantry will be open from 8am until 4pm, Monday to Saturday.