Tartan range keeps Keith firm as leader of Doggy fashion

Height of canine fashion continues to be developed in Keith.

A KEITH COMPANY that has developed an international market for its unique range of drying coats for dogs has introduced a new bespoke range of tartan designs.

Reacting to customer requests, Dogrobes of Keith commissioned a renowned Scottish textiles designer Araminta Campbell to create a unique tartan for their brand.

It has taken 18-months to develop – but now the resulting red and dark grey pattern has been launched – already to some acclaim from customers local and international.

Director Margaret Reynolds said: “Unveiling our new brand tartan is a moment that the whole Dogrobes’ team has been looking forward to.

“We’ve spent the past 18-months refining our design to ensure it meets the expectations of our customers, while reflecting the brand’s attachment to Scotland. I’m thrilled with the result, so I’d like to thank Araminta for her imagination and dedication during the development process.

“This tartan fabric is a true extension of the Dogrobes brand which I’m sure our customers will love.”

A key part of the development process was to ensure that the new fabric not only looked memorable, but that it performed the practical functions expected of Dogrobes’ drying coats. That involved testing a ‘covering layer’ of printed tartan stitched onto a base fabric – something that proved to be very successful.

Araminta Campbell, who designed the bespoke tartan, explains: “It was an absolute pleasure to work with Margaret to create something so integral to the Dogrobes’ brand.  Before we started the design process, we discussed in detail the importance of Scotland and the part it has played in Dogrobes growth.

“What we’ve managed to achieve with this design is something that represents Scotland’s outstanding natural beauty, and how it binds us and our dogs together. I’m looking forward to seeing this tartan fabric being worn by customers in the future.”

Dogrobes was established in 2004 but it is only in recent years with a change of ownership that the business has truly taken off, building a national and international reputation for producing a unique product for dogs that is both fashionable and practical.

The garments protect surroundings from wet and muddy shake off, helping to keep homes and cars clean. They also keep a dog’s muscles warm and are non-restrictive, allowing pooches to move freely while drying off.

The dog drying jackets work by absorbing moisture from a dog’s coat and trapping their body heat, drying the dog quickly while keeping their muscles warm. The secret is the longer loops on the inside of every Dogrobe, specially designed to optimise drying time to approximately 30 minutes.

Dogrobes come in all dog breed sizes – from Chihuahua to Newfoundland – and are available in red, navy, green and tartan. Customers can also choose from Limited Edition pink, grey and purple options.

For further information about Dogrobes, visit www.dogrobes.co.uk or email info@dogrobes.co.uk.