Children’s charity Earthtime celebrate £70k funding boost

THE MORAY ENVIRONMENTAL children’s charity ‘Earthtime For All’ are celebrating a Climate Change Fund award of £70,000.

The cash will be used to fund Earthtime’s UP Project ‘Repair and Share’, which offers members of the public the chance to attend sewing and woodwork repair workshops.

Part of the scheme will also see information delivered on how to reduce household waste with a view to saving money and hold ‘swishes’ – swaps for clothing, toys and general items.

Earthtime founder, Deborah Hockney, told insideMoray: “This project is a great opportunity for people in Moray to reduce waste, learn new skills and come together as a community to reduce our CO2 emissions.”

Supporting the initiative is Angus Robertson MP, who on congratulating Earthtime on the award said: “I am delighted that Earthtime For All is a part of this fantastic Scottish Government programme to take action in climate change.

“The Climate Challenge Fund is an excellent programme which has supported 622 communities across Scotland since it was introduced in 2008 to support local groups to recycle, reduce, reuse.”

Earthtime have also been awarded funding from the Cattanach Trust to work with pregnant and post-natal women and young, disadvantaged children aged up to three years old. There is also funding from Children in Need to provide a Forest School program for a range of young people in Elgin, including those with developmental needs and children attending Ladybird Developmental play group.

For more information about Earthtime, visit their website or follow them on Facebook and twitter – #loveearthtime.