Leader in Music for the Deaf movement to teach in Moray

THE MAN FAMED for bringing music to people who are deaf or with a hearing impairment is set for a return visit to Moray next month.

Dr Paul Whittaker OBE is the founder of the ‘Music for the Deaf’ charity, formed in 1988 it is a unique organisation that provides musical opportunities for children and adults who live with a degree of hearing loss.

He worked alongside Dame Judy Dench in 2010 for her Proms debut, a reprise of Sondheim’s ‘Send in the Clowns’.

No stranger to Moray, Dr Whittaker has previously visited St James Church in the Moray town, explaining the work he does as well as conducting a music performance featuring local singers and musicians.

Explaining his work he said: “It is one of the easiest things to play as a deaf person because you know that note on the stave is that note on the piano. It is very, very physical – when you press a key down you feel a hammer hit a string. The vibration travels up your arm and every one of those notes feels different.”

This time around he will be spending two days in Lossiemouth, where he will be training British Sign Language interpreters including two sessions for beginners.

Anyone interested in learning a little about ‘Scotland’s Fourth Language’ is welcome to attend, however, space limitations mean entry is by ticket only – details and tickets can be obtained from heather@moraybslservices.co.uk.

The sessions will run from 4.30pm until 6pm on both days (April 29 and 30) at the Sfear Gym on Baker Street – tickets are available at £15 for both sessions or £10 for a single session.