Warning that major exercise will include ‘unusual’ night flying

RESIDENTS AROUND THE RAF base at Lossiemouth are being warned that flying operations over the next two weeks will be conducted overnight.

The base will be the centre on international flying operations from March 26 until April 6, hosting dozens of aircraft from a variety of NATO allies taking part in Exercise Joint Warrior.

Lossiemouth will host Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA), and helicopters from the UK, France, Germany and the United States as well as naval aircraft – including the Poseidon P-8A which will soon become an integral part of the Moray base.

A spokesman said: “Usually RAF Lossiemouth operates from 0800 to 2300 for training sorties, however, during Exercise Joint Warrior some night flying by the MPA will take place.

“There will also be some departures and recoveries during the weekend by the MPA and helicopters.

“Engineers will service the aircraft as they land and prior to departures and this may take place between the hours of 2300 and 0800, but please rest assured that all steps will be taken to minimise the associated noise.

“In addition to the training benefits from the Exercise itself, the Station will gain experience and understanding from hosting MPA as we prepare for the basing of UK MPA (the Poseidon P8) in the coming years.”

“More information about specific unusual flying during the exercise is to be published on the RAF Lossiemouth Facebook page www.facebook.com/RAFLossiemouth.

“I sincerely hope that RAF Lossiemouth’s participation in Exercise Joint Warrior will not affect you too much and assure you that all reasonable steps to reduce noise disruption during the Exercise will be taken.”