Council show how not to get lost on Polling Day

AN ONLINE RESOURCE has been developed by Moray Council that is aimed at guiding people to the correct polling station on May 4.

The online tool provides a search facility that can be used for both the local council election and the general election on June 8.

Moray has 58 polling places but the local authority is warning that electors should not make any assumption that their vote would be cast at the same venue as in previous years, as several have changed as a result of boundary alterations.

The map tool – available here –  will quickly enable voters to identify the polling place they should use either by entering their address or their elector number (found on the polling card).

Elections officer Alison Davidson said: “Every voter lives in a polling district and is assigned a specific polling place where they can vote in person, if that is the voting option they prefer.
“Individual polling cards include the location of the polling place but the online facility which has been developed can be used as an alternative.”

Encouraging people to take their polling card with them on election day, Mrs Davidson added: “Although it is not essential, it does save some time and also makes things easier for staff in the polling places, especially at busy times.”

Disruption to schools has in the past been common as they were traditionally used as Polling Places, however this year three schools will be used – but only one will be closed to pupils, Greenwards Primary.

Polling at Alves and Seafield primary schools is being organised in a way that does not interfere with the normal running of the schools.

Voters in the Fochabers/Lhanbryde ward are being offered a chance to quiz their candidates at a Hustings being held on Monday, May 1 at the Lhanbryde Community Centre.  The Hustings will begin at 7.15pm.