Election17: Moray Labour release their manifesto

John Divers

THE MORAY LABOUR PARTY has released their manifesto ahead of the local council elections on May 4.

With just two candidates contesting seats in Elgin City North and Elgin City South, the local party will be seen by many as struggling to compete in what are troubled times nationally.

However, veteran councillor John Divers is being joined by Nick Taylor, with both determined that in a Council that once again looks odds-on to be closely tied, they can made a real difference over the next five years.

The main points of their manifesto for Moray are:

  • Re-establishing training schemes for local workers to help address the skills shortage, including teachers
  • A presumption against out-of-town development
  • Regulation of buses
  • Fighting for real reform to local government finance, including scrapping the hated council tax
  • Opposing charges for social care.

Leader of the Labour Group in the current Moray Council, John Divers, said of the manifesto: “Labour Councillors have consistently proved to be the most effective within Moray Council, even though we have always been in the minority.

“It is our intention to hold the other groups’ feet to the fire and deliver the real alternative that Moray so desperately needs.”

Nick Taylor

Moray Labour is also seeking a cast-iron administration agreement, from which members of the next administration are not at liberty to deviate.

Labour candidate for Elgin City North, Nick Taylor, said: “The Moray Council has lacked political leadership for far too long.

“The ragbag administration of independents, Tories, independent Tories, and independent independents have shown themselves to be incapable of taking collective decisions, voting with their colleagues when it suits them, and against them when it doesn’t.

“Whatever the colours of the next administration, all administration members should be bound together in the best interests of Moray, and if administration members cannot agree to policy then they should either change the policy or resign.”

The Moray Labour Manifesto can be downloaded here.