Lossiemouth group ramp up plans for new Skatepark

PLANS TO CREATE a new Skatepark in Lossiemouth will be taking a major step forward this month when the group behind the initiative host a ‘Mini Ramp Day’.

Skateparks in such as Hopeman and Buckie have already proven to be a massive hit with young people – now Lossiemouth is hoping to join in the fun with their own, on space already identified for the purpose at the Coulardbank playing fields.

“Enjoyment through learning how to use energy creatively, promoting exercise and maintaining good health,” is one of the main advantages outlined by a spokesman for the Lossie Skatepark Initiative.

He added: “Research shows that physical activity can also boost self-esteem, mood, sleep qualities as well as reducing you risk of stress and depression. A safe place for young people to gather providing a positive space for young people is a constructive way to produce a happy vibrant community.”

Similar initiatives throughout Scotland have proven to be a contributing factor to a reduction in youth crime – and in particular vandalism.

The spokesman added: “The proposed skatepark is in a safe location, within plain view of all other playing field users. Community ownership of a local facility and gathering a group of creative individuals from many sections of the community will contribute to a sense of ownership, resulting in more respect from local users and reducing the risk of vandalism.”

The plans have already received support from the Lossiemouth Community Development Trust, for whom a spokeswoman said: “When BMX riding first became popular it was not deemed as being a ‘proper sport’ – and yet it became part of the Olympic Games.

“Now Skateboarding has been accepted for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics – showing that such sports have a vital role to play not only in building community spirit but in teaching young people the necessary dedication and discipline to take their passion for ‘extreme’ sports onto a world stage.”

The Lossiemouth Mini Ramp Day is an opportunity for everyone in the community, regardless of age, to see for themselves what a Skatepark can mean to a community. It is being held on Saturday, April 22 from 11am until 4pm with tea and coffee available on the day.