Moray Labour name Speyside teacher as election candidate

THE MORAY LABOUR party have named their candidate for the forthcoming UK General Election.

Joanne Kirby, who is currently the Principal Teacher of History and Modern Studies at Milne’s High School, will contest the Moray seat with the SNP’s Angus Robertson and Conservative candidate Douglas Ross.

Jo has been a member of the Labour Party since 1992 and worked in the House of Commons for party grandee and former deputy leader Harriet Harman MP. She has also worked in the United States Congress for New York representative Charlie Rangel.

In 2000, Jo came to the north of Scotland and became a Modern Studies teacher at Elgin Academy before taking up her current post.

Jo, who lives in Miltonduff, said: “I am honoured to have been selected as the local candidate for Moray, the area where I have made my home.

“I hope to spend the next six weeks articulating a new vision for Moray. Moray remains the lowest waged constituency in Scotland, and no amount of constitutional wrangling will fix that.

“We need an MP who is focused raising wages and living standards; on improving opportunities for young people; and protecting the vital public services upon which we all rely.

“The last Labour woman to stand in this seat came within 5% of beating Angus Robertson, and no one has ever come that close since. If the voters of Moray want a real alternative to the divisiveness of the Nats and the nastiness of the Tories then they have but one option: to vote Labour on the June 8.”

The chair of the Moray Constituency Labour Party, Marion MacLennan, said: “I am delighted that Jo has been selected as our local candidate. I know from first-hand experience that Jo’s dedication, commitment, and passion, has made a difference to hundreds, if not thousands, of local young people over the years – including my own children.

“Jo will bring that same dedication commitment, and passion to representing all the residents of Moray.”