‘Pension Bombshell’ as Triple-Lock could be broken

MORAY PENSIONERS FACE a bombshell according to local MP Angus Robertson after he pressed the Prime Minister this week on the future of the ‘triple lock’.

Six years ago the assurance given by the UK Government was that state pension annual increases would be maintained at either the rate of inflation, average earnings growth or 2.5%.

However, as the country prepares to return to the polls in June, Theresa May would not give a “clear and unambiguous” promise that would be retained to Moray MP and leader of the SNP at Westminster, Angus Robertson.

Mr Robertson said that if the Tories were to drop the triple lock commitment it could lead to a huge notional loss of £642 (Basic State Pension) or £817 (New State Pension) over the next five financial years.

Pension inequality and unfairness is also a massive issue for two and a half million women in the UK who are affected by the decision to equalise the state pension age by 2020. For several years campaigners from Women Against State pension Inequality – the WASPI campaign – have worked hard to end the glaring unfairness they are facing by this government.

Mr Robertson said: “The public and senior citizens in Moray are right to fear a pensions bombshell by the Tories. The only reason for the Prime Minister to not guarantee the pensions triple lock is to spend less on pensions.

“Too many women already face pensions inequality – an issue highlighted by Moray WASPI campaigners and other WASPI groups across the country – and now the Conservatives won’t guarantee the pensions triple lock.

“Pensions are a major issue on the doorsteps and pensioners simply cannot trust the Prime Minister and they cannot trust the Tories to protect their Pensions.

“Only the SNP can secure dignity in retirement for pensioners in Moray and across Scotland and take the Tories to task to prevent a raid on pensioner incomes. The Prime Minister’s failure to give a commitment on the pensions ‘Triple Lock’ is extremely concerning.”

Confirmed so far as candidates in the June 8 General Election are Angus Robertson (SNP), Douglas Ross (Conservative) and Joanne Kirby (Labour).