‘Unacceptable’ A96 road condition prompts action call

COMPLAINTS OVER THE condition of the road surface on the A96 Tesco roundabout in Elgin prompted an MSP’s call to the Chief Executive of Transport Scotland.

Douglas Ross MSP had learned from constituents of a “significant rut” opening up – adding that he had noted it himself when driving by.

The regional MSP said that it was “unacceptable” for such a busy road to be left in such a condition and sought to learn from Roy Brannen at Transport Scotland what would be done to improve the road.

Welcoming the response he received, Mr Ross reported: “There have been patches filled in the past but the problem persists so it’s encouraging that BEAR Scotland are planning to provide a deeper repair over a larger area.

“I understand that it is their intention to have this work completed before July and welcome the assurance that in the interim period BEAR Scotland will perform weekly inspections and undertake any repairs that require prompt attention to keep the road safe prior to the works being done.

“While there will be some disruption during the works I am sure everyone just wants to see the condition of this roundabout improved and I’m glad that the concerns I have raised have been listened to and acted upon.”

In his response Mr Brannen wrote: “Bear Scotland has advised that they carried out a number of smaller hand-patch repairs at this roundabout but their regular inspections have noted continued issues with the condition of the road surface.”