Whale and Dolphin group to benefit from Mackie tribute

Remembering John Mackie (pic: Knotbrook Taylor)

WHALE AND DOLPHIN CONSERVATION looks set to benefit from a tribute evening being held in Moray next week to honour the late John Mackie.

The tribute has been organised by friends of the late musician and poet who, among his many lifetime achievements, wrote for rock icons including David Bowie.

Artistic Director and Documentary film producer Yvonne M Findlay of Creative Visions Moray is behind the evening, an opportunity for those who knew John and loved and appreciated his work to come together and share, reminisce and celebrate his life.

Yvonne organised the tribute evening of music and poetry in the Beach Bar, Lossiemouth on Friday, April 14 – a venue graced many times by Mr Mackie and one that has always held close association with the traditional folk music scene.

She said: “He had a great interest in people and the history of Lossiemouth and a tremendous respect for the fishing community and boat building of Lossie history. A love of Lossie was something John and I shared at a profound level. He once commented ‘as well as the sea and roar of aero engines – I have known and loved Lossie since a tiny boy living eight miles along the coast.’”

Admission is free on the night – but donations welcome for the Whale and Dolphin Conservation in memory of John. John loved the Moray Coast and much of his work was inspired by the landscape and wildlife.

He spent a lot of time at the Whale and Dolphin Centre at Spey Bay – the evening will begin with a short talk from Katie Dyke from the Whale and Dolphin Centre Spey Bay who knew John for many years.

Yvonne added: “Poets and Musicians have been working on tributes to him for this evening celebration of his life and work.

“The film team from ‘Lossiemouth-Land, Sea & Sky’ have been working on a poem by Shona Caie set to music which captures the happy memories the team have of spending last year working with him.

“Friends of John will recite poetry and play musical tributes, while local musicians will also take part along with local historian, video producer and poet Donnie Stewart, who met John during the work and screening of Lossiemouth-Land Sea & Sky.”

John Mackie passed away just before Christmas.  Further information on the tribute event can be obtained from Yvonne by Email.