Lossiemouth airman fined for assault at local bar

Beach Bar

AN RAF LOSSIEMOUTH Airman was fined £450 when he admitted assaulting a female security staff member outside a local pub – and could face even more serious punishment from his superiors.

Robert Fielden, 23, admitted assaulting Helen Beaven by pushing her to the ground when she had refused him entry to the Beach Bar in Lossiemouth on April 7.

Fiscal Robert Weir told Elgin Sheriff Court that Fielden had been drinking in the bar before going outside at around 11.30pm – but when he tried to return to the bar he was refused entry by Moray Security employee Helen Beaven.

Mr Weir said: “He put his hands on the woman’s body and pushed her, which caused her to fall to the ground. The matter was reported to police – officers later traced Fielden and arrested him.”

Sheriff Olga Pasportnikov was told that Fielden has served with the RAF since 2013 – when she asked if he was likely to be punished by the RAF, the Fiscal replied “almost certainly”, adding: “Some form of action will likely be taken, but they will wait and see what happens in court before any formal decision is made.”