More help on the way for MS sufferers in Moray

THE WORK IN MORAY being undertaken by the MS Society and their efforts to establish more facilities and clinics is being highlighted.

Conservative MSP and candidate for the Moray seat in June’s General Election, Douglas Ross, has been learning for himself about the work of the Society in the region and throughout Scotland.

The MS Society provide specialist nursing care for those with the neurological condition – highlighted during an awareness event held at the Scottish Parliament to draw attention to MS Awareness Week.

Commenting afterwards Mr Ross said: “I have met with the MS support group for Moray who are working hard to provide assistance for people living with the condition.

“The Scottish Neurological Standards state sufferers should meet their MS team at least once a year, but I know this target has proven difficult to meet in Moray for a number of reasons.

“This is of great concern. I understand this is mainly because, understandably, many MS sufferers simply cannot manage the trip to Aberdeen and desperately need a local support network, so I’m pleased that work is being done to establish a locally-based clinic.

“I am fully behind the joint approach by Keith Park, the MS Society’s external relations officer for the North East, who along with other local Allied Health Professionals, including the Moray MS nurse and consultant team are working together within the NHS to establish a facility in Moray.

“Through that sufferers can have better access to neurology and rehabilitation clinics, which would be of great benefit to MS sufferers and their families and friends. I understand that once established, the new Moray clinic would initially operate as a pilot project and could see an appointment being offered every six months.”

The clinic in Moray will benefit local people as it reduces the need for those with complex needs and mobility issues having to travel to Aberdeen for assessment or review.

Mr Ross added: “This will reduce the detrimental impact that travel and fatigue can have on people, and will open up a rehab service for those unable to get to Aberdeen, who might be able to make a shorter journey to a local service.

“MS is an unpredictable and sometimes painful condition that can affect how a person thinks, feels and moves – and we need to ensure that people are receiving the support and care they need to live as well as they can with MS.

“It is important that people suffering with this condition have access to the right sort of help and health care provision. We need this to be recognised and resourced by the health service in order to give people with MS in Moray the support they deserve where they need it.”