Council planning committee chair promises greater communication

A BUSY COUNCIL PLANNING meeting this morning included a series of review strategies agreed by members that provide guidance on a wide range of topics.

New guidance was put in place for such as developer obligations, forestry and open spaces – with the chair of the planning and regulatory services committee, Councillor Claire Feaver, saying that it spelled out the highest quality developments for Moray.

In what is being seen as a ‘new broom’ for the predominantly Tory administration elected into office earlier this year, the Forres councillor insisted that every step will be taken to ensure than developments approved would be of the highest quality – and fit for purpose.

She said: “Land is the ultimate non-renewable resource and an incredibly precious commodity. Any development should be sympathetic, complement the existing built environment and the countryside that surrounds it.

“Local people want great opportunities for employment and we must make sure there is sufficient housing available for them. We’ll be working closely with investors and developers to make this happen.

“Families are being raised here, and residents will live out their retirement in the housing that we’re building now.”

Obtaining and listening to the views of people in Moray was more important than ever, according to the planning chair, who added: “Ultimately we are answerable to the people of Moray – but for us to get it right we need to know what they think. I hope to hear from as many people as possible.”