Finnie hits out as nuclear waste passes through Moray base

REGIONAL GREEN MSP John Finnie has hit out at another nuclear waste transportation being undertaken through RAF Lossiemouth during a time of heightened terrorism tension.

John Finnie noted the flight carrying nuclear waste from Caithness had landed at the Moray base on Saturday – and insisted that the increased alert status should have been sufficient cause for thought in such movements.

The MSP, who only recently attended a special conference discussing the issue of nuclear waste transportation in Findhorn, learned that the movement took place when the US Air Force C-17 flew from Wick to Lossiemouth before departing after refuelling for Tennessee.

Commenting on the flight the MSP said: “My position is that they should not have taken place in any circumstances.  Nuclear waste should really be securely looked after by highly trained staff on the site.

“We are no doubt reassured that every consideration is given but, given the nature of it, there can be no external objective assessment as appropriate as the levels of security.”

Although the threat throughout the UK has now been reduced again, at the time of the flight taking place it was at ‘critical’ following the tube bombing in London last week.  The level was lowered over the weekend following two arrests in connection with that attack.

A spokesman for Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd said the security status of the site had remained unchanged adding: “The Civil Nuclear Constabulary continues to provide armed policing to protect nuclear materials in our possession.”