Rothes hit-and-run wrecks parked car – but caught on camera

A ROTHES WOMAN has taken to social media in an attempt to locate a hit and run motorists who damaged her car while parked outside her home.

Kerry McGregor’s Ford Focus was parked on Land Street in Rothes as usual last Monday – but not usual was a silver Vauxhall Corsa travelling at speed hit her parked car.

The culprit surveyed the damage caused – then chose to drive on, leaving Kerry to deal with extensive damage to her car. However, unknown to the culprit motorist, her action had been caught by a CCTV camera – and the resulting video handed to police as well as being posted on social media.

Kerry said: “I was wondering if anyone could help me – on Monday 11th at 11.33am on Land Street in Rothes some kind person crashed into my car which is now a write off!

“They kindly drove off with no conscience, the police have been given this footage as well but if anyone can help please pm me or contact myself. Please feel free to share!”

A police spokesman last night confirmed that they were aware of the incident and that their inquiries were ongoing.