Warning that College and Uni gateway to new life has dangers

MORAY STUDENTS AMONGST the half million in Scotland about to settle into University or College life are being offered advice from Police Scotland.

Recognising that they are entering an exciting period of their lives, the vital safety advice comes as Freshers’ Weeks take place.

Police Scotland launched a campaign yesterday that provides tips on how to enjoy student life while avoiding potential dangers, and covers advice on home and property security, Online Safety, Party Safety, Identity Safety, Water Safety and Illicit Trade.

Students are encouraged to think about how secure their accommodation is, and giving useful tips on how best to prevent their home being targeted by thieves.

They are also being reminded to record details of all valuables, such as laptops, phones etc that can be logged into www.immobilise.com, so if they do experience a theft and the police recover the items, they can be returned to the owner.

With social media being a large part of a student’s life, there’s useful advice reminding students that “what goes online stays online” and not to leave themselves open to criminal charges or vulnerable to blackmail.

Sometimes the image of student life is of continuous partying, so guidance is given that when socialising – stay safe by sticking with friends, don’t leave drinks unattended and always tell friends where you are going if you’re leaving with someone else.

Drugs and other unknown substances may be offered during time as a student and you may find these tempting.

However, the devastating effects of drugs on individuals and their family and friends is well documented. You have no way of knowing what is in any one substance and no two are the same, there is simply no safe way to take drugs, don’t risk your life or a bright future.

For more information visit www.young.scot/choices-for-life and www.knowthescore.info

Chief Inspector Scott Tees, Safer Communities, said: “For many, becoming a student can be a life changing and life enhancing experience – that’s why Police Scotland wants to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable time during your studies. Our campaign is to raise awareness on how you and your friends can stay safe throughout student life.

“We would ask that students take a few minutes to download our Police Scotland Student safety guide which contains useful tips on how to stay safe, whether that’s on campus, at home or socialising both on and offline.”

There is also lots of advice on the Police Scotland Facebook and twitter accounts and follow #StudentLife for more advice.

All the advice can be found at http://www.scotland.police.uk/keep-safe/personal-safety/student-safety