Above inflation increases on Council services are approved

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ABOVE INFLATION INCREASES are set to be applied to a raft of charges imposed by Moray Council following agreement at a meeting on Tuesday.

Parking fines will see one of the largest leaps – rising from £65 to £80 if not paid inside 14 days and from £40 to £60 if they are paid quickly.

Above-inflation increase are also to be applied to several services such as assignation of a tenancy, the cost of obtaining an export certificate, use of a marriage room and surcharges for marriages conducted on Saturdays in approved venues.

There will also be a 10% increase on fees applied to roads and fleet services including road occupations and permits or temporary traffic orders. Remaining services will see an inflation increase of 3% applied to charges.

Other charges are set nationally and are currently under review or have the maximum charge already levied and so will remain unchanged, a category that includes civic licences, leisure fees and musical instruction.

Leader of the Council and chair of the policy and resources committee, Councillor George Alexander said the changes more accurately reflect the cost of providing the services.

He added: “Against a challenging financial backdrop, it makes sound business sense to try, where appropriate, to cover the entire cost of providing council services.

“A great deal of work has gone into identifying which services can be charged at a higher level, benchmarking our fees against those of other Scottish local authorities, and recognising where we shouldn’t be levying an extra charge.”