Elgin Town Hall launches Crowdfunder appeal

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The group Elgin Town Hall for the Community has launched a public appeal to raise funds to keep the town hall running

Local group Elgin Town Hall for the Community has launched a public appeal for money to ensure it has the funds to keep Elgin Town Hall running.

The group, which formed after The Moray Council announced in February that it would be closing village and town halls, now needs £2500 to put the hall on stable financial footing while they improve areas that would boost its usage.

The working group hopes to get the keys to the hall from the council at the beginning of August but has said it’s imperative that they have the funds to cover the day-to-day running as well as planning to make the venue more sustainable.

As part of their Crowdfunding campaign the group has stated,

“The loss of Elgin Town Hall in particular would have a massive impact across Moray, not just Elgin, and would hit many local organisations across all age groups.

“There are simply no large enough alternative venues that can put on the size of events that Elgin Town Hall hosts….We fully realise that running Elgin Town Hall will be no simple task and that it will require planning, hard work and money.

At the time of writing the group had raised 65% of its target with just 8 days to go.

Donation options range from a £10 donator’s credit on the venue’s website to a £300 package for a local band to come to your home and play an acoustic set for your friends and family.

For the next two years Elgin Town Hall for the Community’s only focus will be bringing Elgin Town hall under community management.  To assist with this, the group are opening up membership to give residents in the local community a voice and a chance to have a say in the venue’s future.

If you would like to donate, please visit https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/elgin-town-hall

If you would like to register as a member of the charity, Elgin Town Hall for the Community, please visit https://www.elgintownhall.co.uk/membership-registration.

For more information please visit enquiries@elgintownhall.co.uk