Moray duo set to run 2000 miles around Ireland for charity

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Simon Clark and Rachel Winter have challenged themselves to run 2000 miles

A Moray duo have challenged themselves to run an epic 2000 miles around Ireland’s coast in the name of charity.

Simon Clark and Rachel Winter set off on from O’Connell Bridge, Dublin on Tuesday hoping to raise £10,000 to benefit the Ecologia Youth Trust’s work with vulnerable youngsters in Scotland, Kenya, Uganda, Myanmar and Russia.

Simon and Rachel will run 20 miles each day, carrying only the bare essentials and without a support team for the next four months, hoping to finish up their challenge in Findhorn in time for some Christmas cheer.

On 5th July, 2017, Simon completed a 5,000+ mile run around the coast of Britain after being inspired to take to the road by Rosie Swale Pope’s account of her five-year-long “Just a Little Run Around the World”. His adventure raised more than £25,000 for disadvantaged young people through Ecologia’s Youth Trust.

The Trust’s former volunteer coordinator, Rachel Winter, supported Simon throughout his UK run, connecting him with people offering places to stay and getting word out about what he was doing. This time Rachel will join Simon side-by-side, which will be the first long-distance run she has attempted.

Simon, from Kinloss, said, “I’m raising money for Ecologia because they are a down-the-road, local charity supporting children around the world get a strong and healthy foothold on life that they otherwise would not. I get to to do what I enjoy and enable opportunity for some of them. We cannot let children down – they teach us vulnerability and remind us of the essence of life. I hope everyone can get inspired by this expedition and help bring hope to those afar.”

The duo are looking for offers of beds, sofas, floors and barns to sleep in along the way in Ireland as well as company in the form of cyclists, runners and walkers wishing to join them for a few hours.

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