Logie Primary: a small school with a global outlook

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Dedicated and caring staff at Logie Primary School have received praise from education inspectors.

Following a visit earlier this year, inspectors have highlighted multiple strengths within the school, including “innovative and purposeful leadership of the headteacher”, “strength of partnership working which impacts positively on children’s learning experiences” and “imaginative use of the environments for learning indoors and outside”.

Education Scotland also commented on “happy, articulate children who are eager to learn and who enjoy their leadership roles in the school”.

Two areas of improvement have been identified, including continuing to raise attainment in literacy and numeracy, and the school’s approaches to assessing and tracking children’s progress, including their wider, personal achievements.

Overall the school was evaluated as “good” and “very good” for quality indicators including leadership of change; learning, teaching and assessment; raising attainment and achievement; and ensuring wellbeing, equality and inclusion.

Chair of Moray Council’s Children and Young People’s Services Committee, Cllr Sonya Warren, congratulated the school staff for their hard work: “I’m thrilled to read such a positive report for Logie Primary School. With education inspectors noting the happiness of the pupils, the dedication of the staff and the quality of leadership, it proves the school is doing everything it can to provide the best learning experiences for its young people, and that staff and pupils are benefitting from this approach.

“We’ll continue to work with the school community and take the advice from Education Scotland to monitor pupils’ achievements and strive to raise attainment.”

Moray MP Douglas Ross also congratulated the staff and children. Following his visit to the school last Friday, he said: “I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the school and it was great to see the obvious pleasure and pride that the children took in showing me around. It was quite clear that the children are thriving in a warm and caring environment and I am not in the least surprised to see this confirmed in the report from the inspectors of Education Scotland. I would like to offer my congratulations to the teaching staff, children, parents and carers for this achievement.”

Moray MSP Richard Lochhead also praised Logie staff: “The staff at Logie Primary deserve huge credit for this very positive inspection report. There’s clearly a lot of good work being done by the teachers and staff to ensure the kids have a positive learning environment, which is really helping them to develop their skills.

“Pupils at Logie were praised for the attitude to learning and the whole community can be very proud of what’s being achieved at one of Moray’s smaller schools.”

Local SNP Councillor Aaron McLean added: “The work done in the last few years at Logie has been tremendous. This was a school that was struggling to attract a head teacher at one point and the turnaround has been amazing. “The staff deserve a huge amount of credit as do the pupils for continuing to work hard and continue to enjoy their learning in the school.”

From the perspective of insideMORAY and our host organisation, tsiMORAY, it’s great to see the award-winning social enterprise Community Café run by P4 to P7 pupils highlighted by the inspectors as “practice worth sharing”.

There is no doubt that, with its focus on topics like the Global Goals to end extreme poverty and tackle climate change, the Convention on the Rights of the Child, Eco-Schools and Social Enterprise, Logie School is living up to its aim of “Learning for Life at Logie”.