Moray Council to phase out Single Use Plastics

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Cllr Louise Laing’s motion to phase out Single Use Plastics received cross-party support

Moray Councillors have agreed a motion asking Council officers to take action to phase out Single Use Plastics.

The motion was presented to the Council’s Policy and Resources Committee by SNP Councillor for Speyside Glenlivet, Louise Laing, and seconded by the Moray Council Convenor, Councillor Shona Morrison.

The motion notes the ‘excellent work done by local groups to address the problem by carrying out litter picks and beach cleans’ and also asks council officers to continue their efforts to ‘phase out the use of single use plastics unless no alternative can be found, in all council buildings, as soon as practically possible’.

In addition the motion congratulated local business already taking steps to do the same and encouraged others to join them.

Cllr Louise Laing said: “My dad told me about a bag he found 12 years ago emblazoned with the logo ‘Today’s answers tomorrow’s problems’, and I’m sure the irony of that is not lost on people as we see images of wildlife dying from eating plastic bags or from getting trapped in plastic waste.

“We have one planet and everyone needs to take what responsibility they can to protect it, both for ourselves and for future generations. The council is already making headway through switching from plastic to paper cups and there is a willingness in our departments to do as much as possible to tackle this issue.

“We are a big employer and a big purchaser of thousands of different items year on year. By phasing out Single Use Plastic usage in the Council we can set an example that will help people think more about what they’re using at home and encourage suppliers who value our business to think carefully about the products they are providing.

“I am very grateful for the cross-party backing for my motion showing the leadership from elected representatives that this serious issue deserves.”

Cllr Shona Morrison said: “Like many others in Moray I have been involved in litter picks and beach cleans and the amount of single use plastics polluting the environment is deeply disturbing.

“It should be obvious to everyone that this is not something we can continue to do and everybody in a small way can help to prevent this type of pollution.

“Re-using bags, using paper bags instead of plastic for packed lunches, using paper straws or just asking for no straw in a drink at all, buying loose fruit and veg instead of pre-packed – these things are really simple to do and the more of us who do these things the bigger the difference we can make.

“Think about the waste we produce. Act to reduce it. Protect our environment. It’s a really simple but important message.”