Lossie west beach path to be repaired

Repairs to the footpath at Lossiemouth’s West Beach are scheduled to take place later this month.

A stretch of the path, between two of the access ramps to the beach, is affected by uneven slabs due to concrete blocks shifting and void space underneath. Those posing the greatest risk to pedestrians have been cordoned off. Moray Council is funding the replacement of these slabs to the tune of £13,500, as well as others as a preventative measure to reduce the trip hazard due to the uneven surface.

Work will begin on 16 August and should last no longer than a fortnight. A small works compound will be situated in the car park area and pedestrian barriers will be installed to guide people safely around the works. The car park will remain open for residents and visitors throughout the duration of the repairs.

Local ward councillors have all welcomed the news, with Cllr Ryan Edwards confirming: “Although the summer season may be coming to an end, this stretch of beach is used extensively throughout the year and these repairs will be very welcome by all users.”