‘Historic links and critical identity will be lost’ in boundary change – Moray MP Douglas Ross

Moray MP Douglas Ross has expressed his “major disappointment” at the confirmation that the Moray UK constituency will now be split in two at the next General Election. 

Douglas who voiced his opposition to the proposals throughout the consultation process says that the final decision by the Boundary Commission for Scotland will ultimately mean “historic local links” will be lost from Moray. 

Moray voters will now be represented by two different MPs in Aberdeenshire North and Moray East and Moray West, Nairn and Strathspey, rather than just one MP, as they are right now with Douglas. 

Douglas says he’s also “deeply disappointed” by his old council ward of Fochabers-Lhanbryde also being split in two as a result. 

He has highlighted that despite “fighting the plans every step of the way”, ultimately the UK Parliament will now have to accept the final boundary proposals. 

He said: “I am deeply disappointed at the confirmation that the historic Moray constituency has been carved up into two ahead of the next General Election. 

“I had fought these proposals every step of the way and still firmly believe that Moray is best served by one MP serving all our communities. 

“A whole host of historic links and critical identity will be lost as a result of people in Moray now being represented by two different MPs, rather than mirroring the council boundary. 

“I am also very disappointed that my old council ward of Fochabers-Lhanbryde will be split up as a result of even further changes by the Boundary Commission.

“Even though I’m stepping down as Moray’s MP at the next election, I very much wanted this seat to remain in place. 

“Ultimately that decision has been taken by the Commission and that now has to be accepted by Parliament.  I just feel it is a disappointing day with the confirmation that I will be the last MP to represent the Moray constituency in the House of Commons.” 

Notes: The final proposals can be read here: https://www.bcs2023review.com/