GOT A STORY to tell?  An image to share on our Facebook page perhaps – a press release that is of interest to the people of Moray?

We love getting stories and images from our readers on insideMORAY, so please free to send us press releases and/or ideas for stories using the address. For example, we could run a feature on the work of a local group, or a story on the achievement of a particular milestone etc.

We particularly appreciate receiving publication-ready stories of up to 500 words that would fit with the tone and focus of stories we have previously published (please see our website for examples). Stories accompanied by one or more royalty- and copyright-free images of a reasonable quality and size (ideal size for us is 1,100 x 600 pixels) are particularly welcome.

We also appreciate images for our “Moray Life” series, which is an occasional series published on our Facebook page. Again, have a look at past examples for inspiration.

Please note that we take great care not to infringe on the intellectual copyright of others, in particular images – our own images are free to use under commons licence, we understand that not everyone does that.  This is a community service supplied by a community group, tsiMORAY, and cannot pay for images, those we use are our own or those supplied to us by story sources, or those sourced through ‘commons’ sources and the Stockpics image library.

We check embedded ID text in images and if they are clearly marked as under copyright we will not use them unless we have been expressly told we can.  But accidents do happen from time to time – when that does, a simple email (see below) will be enough, we will remove the image immediately.

Contact us by email to THE EDITOR (