Welcome to Forres

Forres is a beautiful town, perhaps most famous for its colourful floral displays and links to Macbeth. However, there’s more to this Moray destination than flowerbeds and Shakespeare.

St Laurence Church, Forres is awash with colour in the summer.

It’s not by chance that Moray has been included in the top ten UK destinations, or that within this region Forres continues to be the jewel in the county crown.

With a rich culture and a heritage rooted into the very fabric of Scotland’s history, Moray continues to attract people from across the world. Some say it is our beautiful unspoiled landscapes, our incredible range of local tasty food or the selection of whisky distilled with the water from the very hills that surround us that bring people here.

Others say it is the warmth of our people or our willingness to always stop and have a ‘blether’ on the High Street or perhaps in a coffee shop. Whatever the reason, once you have visited we know you will keep coming back time and time again.

Romance or adventure?

It’s not just the romantics we attract to our shores as other adventures wait right on your doorstep for you or for your whole family. White water rafting, wind surfing, climbing, stalking, fishing and shooting all await those seeking the high adventure.

For those of us who are a little more laid back or perhaps with younger children there are miles upon miles of unspoiled beaches, rambling forest trails, beautiful parks and lots of open space to enjoy all within a few minutes of Forres.

Top this off with museums, galleries, theatre, festivals, international events and a wide range of wonderful accommodation to meet every need and you can see why we are proud to say Forres has something for everyone.

To help you enjoy your stay with us, we have brought together all of our visitor information in one place. Forres Local offers the latest in local and community news, community and visitor events and information and business contacts.

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