New laws being considered to stamp out political harrassment

INTIMIDATION AND HARRASSMENT of candidates during the General Election could prompt new laws being introduced that would increase protection for members of parliament. The call comes after several Conservative MPs and Candidates described how they had become the targets of abuse – including death threats – during the campaign. Such was the level of intimidation … Read more

Ross quits as Lochhead warns party they must listen

MORAY’S MSP IS warning his SNP colleagues that they must take heed of why so many voters turned away from them – as new Moray MP Douglas Ross confirmed he has resigned his Holyrood seat. The numbers in the general election last week provided a stark warning that people throughout Scotland would not simply accept … Read more

Ross takes Moray seat for Scottish Conservatives

SCOTTISH CONSERVATIVE DOUGLAS ROSS has toppled the SNP’s Angus Robertson to take the Moray seat in the General Election. At shortly after 2am the dramatic result was revealed at Elgin Town Hall and gave the victory to Ross with a majority of 4159 – overturning the SNP majority in 2015 of just over 9000. Douglas … Read more