Decision time on future of Moray Council next week

THE MORAY COUNCIL administration could know by next week if a challenge to their continued authority is to be launched by the majority SNP group.

Doubts have hung over the current independent administration’s future since the Buckie by-election victory brought the SNP group to 11 seats on the local authority – one more than the Independent group who are supported by a single non-aligned Tory member.

The SNP have since approached several Independent, Labour and aligned Tory councillors seeking their views on a new coalition – and suspended any decision on that until after the general election.

Now neighbouring SNP councillors in Aberdeenshire are poised to take mid-term control of that local authority. That came after two Labour councillors who until now had been part of a ruling alliance withdrew their support amid accusations of “uncaring attitudes” being demonstrated by the Independent, Lib Dem and Tory administration.

That leaves Aberdeenshire’s controlling group with 33 members – two fewer than the total in opposition of 35, 28 of whom are SNP members.

When asked if the SNP group in Moray had reached a decision on its position a spokesman told insideMoray last night that they had “nothing to say at this moment” – however, the spokesman added that a statement will be issued next week.

As the largest single group on Moray Council the SNP group has a right to attempt to form an administration. With two aligned Tory members having been thrown out of the administration group they may be the most likely allies for the SNP and that could allow a new ruling administration to be formed.