New money to target A&E waiting times in Moray

Three quarter million pound A&E investment.
Three quarter million pound A&E investment.

ADDITIONAL GOVERNMENT FUNDING is being welcomed that should allow NHS Grampian to further improve accident and emergency waiting times.

Moray’s MSP Richard Lochhead said that A&E waiting times in Elgin’s Dr Gray’s Hospital was “challenging for investment” and so welcomed an announcement by the Health Secretary that an additional three quarters of a million pounds was to be allocated to target the issue.

“Healthcare is an issue of huge importance to people in Moray,” Mr Lochhead said.

He continued: “We have excellent healthcare professionals and facilities but we also have challenges with some facilities, with recruitment and with the pressures that an ageing population brings.

“There is a continuous job of work for us to stay alive to these challenges and put in place effective systems that ensure people receive the best care possible.

“Accident and Emergency in main hospitals like Dr Gray’s is one of those areas that is challenging but investment in getting people into non-hospital care settings and this further investment announced by the Health Secretary into tackling waiting times are hugely important in improving waiting times.

“A critical aspect is improving patient flow from the point they arrive at A&E through assessment, further care and discharge. These are understandably complex and can be affected by many different factors but there is always room for improvement.

“Patients and frontline healthcare staff need the best support possible and that is our aim.”

Recent A&E figures at Dr Gray’s have indicated a steady improvement in waiting times for patients at Moray’s main hospital.