Renewed plea to pipe up volunteers for Forres’ big day

Piping at Forres – volunteer evening next week.

A RENEWED PLEA has been issued for volunteers to step forward and help out at what has grown into one of Moray’s largest annual events.

Organisers of the European Pipe Band Championships – Piping at Forres – are gearing up for the third successive year when bands from throughout the world descend on Grant Park.

Around 100 bands are expected to be joined by thousands of visitors on June 27 for an event that has proven enormously beneficial to the local economy. Now Piping as Forres are set to hold a public meeting at the Tolbooth on Wednesday – and are asking people to come along and sign up as volunteers for the event.

“In the two years it has been running Piping at Forres has become a great success with audiences of around 18,000 – it brings in around £1million to the area each summer,” Ian Widdowson, the chairman of organisers Forres Events Ltd said.

He added: “We could not achieve this success without the help and support of our small army of volunteers from Forres and the surrounding area.”

Stressing that there will be volunteer tasks to suit all abilities, volunteer coordinator Sandra McIver added: “It can be hugely rewarding to take part in such a team – the success of Piping at Forres depends largely on the hard work of people from the local area.”

Earlier this year Forres Events confirmed that their original agreement to host the championships for three years had been extended for a further three.