Employers urged to set workout challenges in the office

workout at work day
A LABOUR MSP is challenging employers in Moray to help ensure their staff address “poor work habits” by taking part in the Nation Workout at Work Day.

Rhoda Grant, who is the shadow minister for Sport and Health Inequalities at the Scottish Government, said it is neither complicated or difficult for people to take part in the day that will make them more aware of the need to be more physically active during the working day.

“I’m glad to be backing National Workout at Work Day 2015, which is a great initiative by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy,” the MSP told insideMoray, adding: “The purpose of the day is to increase levels of physical activities amongst employees during the working day, and to inspire staff to move more and address poor work habits, such as not taking regular breaks.”

National Workout at Work Day is taking place on Friday, June 12. It is an annual awareness day organised by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP), and will see staff from throughout Scotland become more physical active.

The MSP put forward a motion at the Holyrood parliament this week calling attention to the initiative. She added: “By being more active in work and employers encouraging active work, we can see an improvement in public health, a reduction in workplace sickness and absence and promote the important role of physiotherapy in society that helps keep people healthy for work.

“It’s not complicated or difficult to take part, some simple things such as hosting a lunch break walking group, choosing the stairs instead of the lift or practising workstation exercises can all make a difference.”

Further details on the day can be found on the CSP Website while a list of work-based exercises can also be found online.