Appeal for public to remain fire free in summer heat

Scottish Fire and Rescue
SIZZLING HOT WEATHER can bring with it a number of fire hazards that local firefighters are warning people in Moray to be wary of this summer.

The senior officer for the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service in Moray and Aberdeenshire, David Rout, is highlighting that there were over 2500 deliberate fires set during warm weather in Scotland last July and August.

“Moray and Aberdeenshire benefits from beautiful countryside – including the Cairngorms National Park and Moray estates,” he said, adding: “We would like to highlight the risks associated with people who visit those areas for leisure activities.

“By adhering to our advice helps people be safe in these environs and protects our biodiversity and countryside.”

The annual school holidays will see an increase in children setting fires deliberately for “a bit of fun”, Mr Rout said, adding: “The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service will also see a rise in the amount of accidental fires such as rubbish and refuse fires – or wildfires, which the service has a history of responding to during the summer months in the Moray area.

“There are simple steps that should be taken to prevent these fires with information on this available on the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service website.”

Police Scotland also say that they would be interested in any information from the public relating to someone deliberately setting a fire. Calls should be made to 101 or via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.