Buckie man ‘stunned’ at response to food bank launch

Food Bank Buckie
A BUCKIE MAN is on the verge of launching a new food bank service in Buckie after receiving the support of hundreds within hours of setting up a social media page.

As well as support for the idea, however, has come warnings over allowing good intentions to overtake proper organisation – and questions over if the town is actually in need of such a service in the first place.

Joe Glennon set up the Facebook page ‘A Food Bank for Buckie’  earlier this week and was stunned when almost 300 people joined his call within days. Mr Glennon got the idea after he decided to clear out cans of food in his Buckie home – placing an advert on the Social Media site offering them for free.

He told the P&J: “Unfortunately I don’t think many noticed that post – but when I later added an update to say I was donating the cans to a food bank I became swamped with messages from people saying they would take them.

“These people seemed to be struggling and it brought home to me how badly we needed a food bank in Buckie. I set up a group dedicated to the idea and it was amazing how it took off – before I knew it the group had 500 members.”

Offers of food came in including one from the local Co-op store while Tesco in Buckie also got in touch to offer six full cages of food to set the ball rolling. An appeal for premises for the new food bank also produced messages of support – however, last night Mr Glennon admitted he was becoming overwhelmed.

He said: “I would love some help – I’m really struggling with all this, I have a full time job and family and I would like to spend some time with them. I am on my own here – if anyone could help me out or point me in the right direction that would be great.

“I had no idea how time consuming and how little I knew about what was involved here.”

Help has come forward from various quarters – but there has also been warnings and advice to speak first with existing services in Moray to ensure the new effort does not overlap with existing food bank services.

Daniel Robertson asked: “How do you plan to work this? As a proper charity with referrals from the Council and Jobcentre or as an informal service where you give on perceived need?

“The Elgin Foodbank refuse any food that is passed its best-before dates which seems insane – there is so much out of date food on offer if you ask around.”

Local SNP councillor Sonya Warren welcomed the initiative – but added that it was “distressing” that people needed this type of help in the first place. She said: “There is a great community spirit in Buckie that pulls together to assist those who have least.

“The fact food banks are having to open the length and breadth of Scotland is an appalling situation – but for as long as it is needed the food bank will have my support and that of many others in Buckie.”

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