Eilidh settles in ahead of pioneering treatment in the US

Eileidh and sister Cerys get to know some of the Grand Rapids locals!

THE FORRES TODDLER who touched the hearts of thousands throughout the country has embarked on the journey that just a few months ago seemed a tall order.

Eileidh Paterson has been pronounced as being clear of the Neuroblastoma cancer she has suffered after undergoing intensive treatment in Scotland – but her family were determined that she should receive pioneering treatment that would greatly reduce the chances of a relapse.

That treatment, however, is only available in the United States – so the family launched an appeal that in just a few astonishing months raised over £100,000.

Now little Eileidh has landed in Grand Rapids, Michigan this week with her mother, brother Calum and sister Cerys, where she will undergo the pioneering trial at the Helen DeVos Hospital.

Eileidh’s proud mother Gail has been keeping the thousands of followers who have kept in touch with ‘Eileidh’s Journey’ on social media up to date with her daughter’s journey to America this week.

The family made the gruelling 12 hour plus journey at the weekend, Gail reporting that Eileidh and sister Cerys handled the journey “superbly”.

After catching up with some sleep and doing a little sight-seeing in Grand Rapids – including a visit to a local zoo – on Monday Gail took Eileidh to the hospital for her first introduction to the medical staff who will administer her treatment.

Following the visit to the local zoo Gail reported: “This is the first time in a long time that Eileidh has really been out anywhere – so she certainly made the most of it.

“She was fascinated by all the animals and was quite happy to get up close to as many as she could. We had ice creams to cool us down and they were definitely the largest ones we have ever had!

“Once we left the zoo, we went on the hunt for somewhere to have supper so we ended up at Wendy’s, which is similar to McDonalds. Eileidh has now taken a liking to bacon and cheese fries.”

Eileidh’s treatment will begin later this week – people back home can track the progress of the toddler courtesy of mum Gail’s updates on the Eleidh’s Journey Facebook page.