Moray public urged to have their say on alcohol and drugs

THE PUBLICATION OF the Moray Alcohol and Drug Partnership (MADP) draft 10-year strategy has been welcomed by local politicians.

With the strategy now released for public consultation until August 31, the SNP’s Health and Social Care spokesperson is urging people to think how their communities can be supported – and to take part in the consultation process.

Councillor Patsy Gowans said: “Alcohol and drug problems are a major issue for those suffering addiction, for their families and the wider community and it is vital to the wellbeing of our communities in Moray that we have a solid strategy to tackle these problems.

“With the UK Government’s continuing austerity agenda hitting the poorest in society there is an even greater risk of people in really tough circumstances turning to alcohol and drugs.

“It is vital that we do everything we can to prevent that and, in the cases where it does happen, that we provide support to help people with addictions and to help deal with the fallout for that for children, wider family and communities.

“I would urge people to think how their community could be supported by Moray’s alcohol and drug strategy, whether that is through treatment, prevention or support and take part in this important consultation which will set the long term direction of drug and alcohol strategy in Moray.”

The draft strategy consultation has been drawn together by a wide range of stakeholders in Moray and is designed to reduce the impact substance misuse has on individuals, their families and wider communities.

Jane Mackie, chair of the MADP, said that addiction can happen to anyone at any time, adding: “It harms health, education, relationships and long-term life chances. It stops people getting a job or being able to do their job well and leads to poverty and homelessness.

“It increases the likelihood of a person’s involvement in crime as either a victim or offender. Communities are affected by alcohol and drug-related crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour.”

Full details of the strategy and consultation process can be found on the MADP website.