No support over welfare reforms leaves Moray families in a bad place

Angus Robertson
Angus Robertson – attack on Labour Party failure to join opposition to welfare reforms

THOUSANDS OF WORKING families who are in receipt of tax credit support will now see that cut as a result of welfare changes voted through this week.

Moray’s MP Angus Robertson has hit out at the failure of the majority of Labour members sharing the opposition benches at Westminster who chose to take the direction of their leadership by abstaining from the government welfare bill.

That allowed the controversial legislation to pass through by a 308 to 124 majority – with just 48 Labour MP’s joining the SNP in opposing the Bill.

Mr Robertson pointed out that 1500 people in Moray had to resort to using Foodbanks in 2014 – including referrals for hundreds of children.

He said: “The Tories’ cruel welfare cuts damage the working poor and vulnerable people, and had to be opposed.

“We are seeing continually rising demand for foodbank support in Moray and it is abundantly clear from the casework correspondence I receive in my Elgin office and from the doorsteps during campaigning just how difficult it is for people to get by.

“These majority of people in Moray affected by these cuts will be working. Welfare is not a lifestyle choice as is being suggested by the Tories, it is a symptom of a low wage economy where people are not valued enough and until that fundamental economic reality changes it is wrong to cut such vital support.”

The MP added that Labour MPs had the “perfect opportunity” to join a progressive coalition in opposing the government – but with some “honourable exceptions” they did not do so.

He said: “People will rightly be asking ‘What does the Labour Party stand for?’, especially since they don’t appear to know themselves.

“Labour have completely abandoned any pretence of being a party of social justice and progress – just as they did when they so shamefully voted to support George Osborne’s £30 billion more austerity cuts.

“This cuts Bill is an attack on civil society, it’s an attack on our poorest and hard working families, and it’s a regressive Bill that takes us back in time with cuts that will hit women and children the hardest.”